Could your creative efforts use a boost?

Are you a creative professional? A writer? A musician? A graphic designer, painter, editor, makeup artist or photographer? Or do you work closely with creative types?

What about your free time? Do your hobbies hinge on unleashing your creativity? Are you drawn to things that bring out your passion?

Whether you make a living in a creative field, work closely with creative professionals, or just want to “suck out all the marrow of life,” creative coaching can help you get where you’re going.

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What is creative coaching?

Creative coaching is all about helping you make the most of the things you love doing.

In recent years, coaching (sometimes called executive coaching, career coaching or life coaching) has blossomed into a highly-respected field. From C-suite offices to cubicle-land, professionals of all types and at all points in their career journey are learning to harness the power of coaching. As one business leader put it, “I would say if you have coaching done well, it can change your life . . .”

Coaching is a powerful way to learn and grow. Even Forbes has reported on the unexpected, life-changing benefits of working with a coach.

Creative coaching applies the proven principles of the coaching dynamic to your creative efforts. That may sound like a narrow focus, but think about how much of life calls on us to tap into creativity. We’re always building, imagining, designing and discovering. That’s especially true if you work in a creative field, but it’s kind of true for everyone, too.

If you’re ready to unlock your creativity, you’re ready for creative coaching.

Is creative coaching right for you?

Short answer – probably.

Long answer – yes, if any of the following apply to you.

  • Your career requires creativity.
  • You work closely with folks who are creative types.
  • You’re seriously committed to a hobby that’s artistic in some way – anything from painting to cooking to needlepoint.
  • You’re interested in going pro with a creative interest.
  • Your world view includes the belief that creativity is simply a part of the human experience . . . and you want to make sure you’re not missing out on the things that matter most.

Let’s get this party started.