6 Things You Can Expect During
Your Coaching Experience

Coaching isn’t like other helping professions. Coaches aren’t therapists, teachers, consultants or mentors.
The dynamic is different. Here’s what you can expect from coaching.

This is a judgment-free zone.

I won’t judge your actions or values. We’re not looking
for the “right” way. We’re looking for YOUR way.

Number 1
Number 2

You can count on confidentiality.

If it’s not illegal or harmful, I won’t share our
conversations with anyone else without your permission.

We’re partners.

I’m not the expert. We’re collaborators on a journey,
working together to explore options and find solutions.

Number 3
Number 4

You set the agenda.

We’ll focus on what YOU want to explore.
You get to decide what our conversations are about.

We’ll always end with action.

We’ll end every conversation with an action plan.
There will always be a next step toward your goals.

Number 5
Number 6

Making the change is on you.

Nothing’s going to change if YOU don’t take action.
That’s entirely your responsibility.